Shawn Perry

& The Hazzard County Rebellion

David Romweber

David Romweber is easily one of the most underrated guitar players and songwriters in any genre.

Fusing classic rock with blues and Southern rock/country licks,  Dave's chops are thick, meaty and juicy enough to make even Rich Robinson jealous...again! 

Having grown up in what many consider to be the golden age of both rock n' roll and country music, David has been marinating his guitar in tasty goodness his entire life. With influences including Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Brent Mason, Ian Thornley, Rich Robinson, Billy Duffy and the almighty Angus Young, Dave is a powerhouse of a player and takes no prisoners. 

As one of The Rebellion's principal songwriters and guitar players, David has penned numerous songs for The Rebellion, including "Southern Belle" from the Country Girls EP and several songs on the forthcoming release America, including the barn burner "Jesus & Rehab."  Dave was responsible for the lion's share of the rhythm guitar parts, all of the acoustic guitars, and many of the solos on the aforementioned Country Girls EP. 

Not only has Dave been a fixture in the Cleveland music scene for years, performing in bands like Dizzy Park, Spoyled, Vambo Rools, Dashboard Lights and the Velvematics, he has also been the proprietor of several rock clubs and music stores. Dave has stakes in The Revolution and the Hi-Fi club with former Warrant and Paul Gilbert guitarist Billy Morris, as well as The Music Company (Lakewood, OH) and Rock City Guitars (Vermilion, OH).