Kevin Thiede

People often throw around the phrase "good people."

But in an ever-increasingly shallow world, actual "good people" are harder and harder to find. Kevin Thiede, however,  really is "good people."  Boasting a smile and laugh that can brighten up any room, Kevin brings pure rock n' roll joy to his guitar playing and songwriting.  

Kevin started playing guitar in middle school and shortly thereafter became involved at School of Rock in Cleveland, where Shawn and Dave were instructors and show directors. Kevin stayed with the program throughout high school and into college, even doing several nationwide tours as a School of Rock All-Star.

For several years, Kevin has also been the lead guitar and principal songwriter for alternative/blues rock band The Dirty Baxters, which also features Rebellion alumna Melissa Willis and fellow School of Rock classmates Jake Cohen and Pat Boland (both on drums).  Kevin was also a pinch hitter for Switchblade Scarlett, playing both guitar and bass with equal prowess.

Kevin joined the Rebellion shortly after their inception and played rhythm guitar, as well as some of the tastiest leads on their debut EP Country Girls.  Kevin is responsible for the solos on "Official" and "Do it for Dale."  Kevin also shared the triune harmonies on the Thin Lizzy-style solo on "Southern Belle" with Shawn Perry and former fiddle player Ayden Ash. 

Kevin's musical influences are pretty broad spectrum, just like most of the band; however, the bulk of his heroes are from classic rock and blues. The short list of influences includes Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Page, Slash, and Billy Gibbons. 

Kevin also enjoys bowling, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and general shenanigans.