Shawn Perry

Is an AMERICAN musician, TV & radio personality, film and theater actor, music producer, instrument manufacturer and Martial Artist.  

Hailing from Vermilion, Ohio, Shawn Perry began performing vocally at a young age and sang with the Oberlin Choristers when he was ten. This is around the same time he started playing guitar and drums (he plays six instruments total).

Shawn started his first band, Eternal Generation, in middle school. Prior to forming The Rebellion in 2014, Shawn was involved in several groups of note, including Sevenfold, Leaving Bethany, The Loud, and Switchblade Scarlett. 

In line with the rest of his band mates, Shawn has a diverse list of influences. His vocal heroes include Freddie Mercury, Bon Scott, Ann Wilson, Joan Jett, Sammy Hagar, Michael Jackson, Robert Plant, Chris Robinson, and Willie Nelson.  His favorite guitar player is Brian May (Queen), but he was much more influenced stylistically by shredders like EVH, Dimebag Darrell, Slash, Zakk Wylde and Prince. However, he also soaked his ears in classical runs via Phil Keaggy, blues and Southern rock from greats like Rich Robinson, SRV and Eric Johnson, and even a bit of modern jazz through players like Russ Freeman and Earl Klugh. His attitude, however, is PURE Johnny Cash (okay, its probably more like Johnny Cash with a touch of Freddie Mercury...and, well...Batman...)

Okay, it's mostly Batman...

Seriously, though....

He might be Batman.

Shawn has been an artist for just about every major guitar and amp manufacturer, including: Schecter, Music Man, Peavey, Gibson, Dean, Madison & Mesa Boogie. His very first endorsement was with Paul Reed Smith Guitars at the age of 16.